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Special Olympics produces reports every year to inform interested people about what we do. See below for links to the reports.
2019 – 2021 Annual Report and 2021 Reach Report
The Special Olympics 2019 – 2021 Annual Report highlights the best of our global movement over the course of a very busy year—filled with sports, competitions, unified leadership, inclusive health milestones, and much more.
The Reach Report is a summary of key programmatic results achieved globally in the framework of its activities conducted in the previous year.
Region Reports
These reports provide valuable insight about region performance during the year and outlines how we are aiming to advance the mission of Eunice Kennedy Shriver into the future.
Find out more about the impact, key highlights and milestones achieved across East Asia through on and off line events related to sports, youth engagement, leadership, advocacy, etc.
During the past two years, 2020 and 2021, the Africa Region has seen many "first evers" across our 37 Programs, and across the world. Read about the achievements of our athletes and Programs here.
Find out more about the impact, key highlights and milestones achieved across the Asia Pacific region through year-round sports activities, athlete and youth leadership, inclusive health, advocacy, and leadership excellence.
Report capturing key highlights, milestones and achievements of year-round sports and non-sports activities of a region led by athletes, learn more about the impact of the movement of inclusion in MENA here.
Special Olympics in East Asia grew to 1,434,390 athletes, and the numbers of coaches, volunteers and competitions all keep growing in 2019.
In 2019 the movement in Asia Pacific grew to 2,122,516 athletes, a significant growth of almost 9%. We also saw the delivery of 39,493 competitions and hit a high of 5,970 unified competition.
Over 2018 and 2019, the Africa Region recorded success in several areas of service, including program growth, youth engagement and the introduction of Unified Sports to refugee programs.
In 2018, Special Olympics Latin America reached 378,879 athletes, strengthened its ties with governments across the region, and fostered commitment to the Inclusion Revolution.
In 2017, Latin America held the biggest event in the region’s history, setting the stage for a renewed, stronger commitment with the Inclusion Revolution.
In 2017, the Africa Region experienced a year of significant growth, as displayed from data and supporting activities in contained this report.
In 2017, the Africa Region reached a total of 289,909 Special Olympics participants and offered 14,479 competitions.
The report provides information about the region's grant performance during 2017, and how it expects to grow in the future.
2016 was the start of a new strategic plan reemphasizing the core of Special Olympics: using the power of sport as a catalyst for social change.
The report provides information about the region's grant performance during 2016, and how it expects to grow in the future.
Moving forward, our focus is to win the battle for the hearts and minds towards people with ID, and create inclusive communities around the world.
2015 was a milestone year. All six East Asia Programs were represented at the World Games in Los Angeles over 400 athletes competing in 16 sports.
This report contains information from 2013 to 2015. It includes total revenue, organizational expenditures and other financial information.